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I’m a Greenwood Craftsman and Teacher. For over 20 years I have been creating handmade furniture, unique carvings and tableware.


Ancient technologies in a modern city……

Having lived in North Wales for many years, both learning and teaching Green woodcraft as well as  turning techniques, chairmaking, wilderness survival skills, wild food foraging, bark work and other traditional crafts, I recently returned to my native Liverpool.

My  teaching and demonstration work has taken me across the British Isles, Europe and America.

Green Woodcraft takes us away from a fast pace……to a gentler approach to woodwork. It involves the use of freshly cut wood and embraces a number of crafts, including turning and carving. Green (freshly cut) logs are easily split along the grain, worked with an axe and shaped with other hand tools.


A Pole lathe is a classic, centuries old device for turning green wood; from rolling pins and goblets, to chair parts and bowls.

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“Write it. 

Shoot it. 

Publish it. 

Crochet it, 

Sauté it, 



> Joss Whedon

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